Getting On Board



There are numerous ways where your help would be enormously useful.

First and foremost: Raising the funds to get the Bermigo Plan polled.

Remember, as good as the plan may seem, it has no value unless the Palestinian public – right across the board – would support it, or, at a minimum, would not oppose it with lethal violence. And we have no way of knowing whether the Bermigo package would pass that crucial test without conducting a comprehensive poll.

We already know that every other plan fails this test; the conventional approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian public has been polled dozens of times and always reveals a twofold problem. First, Palestinians who'd accept it are lukewarm in their support. And second – the fatal problem – is that its opponents repudiate it with a passion, and openly state they will continue to use every form of lethal violence to torpedo it.

So, if a poll showed that the Bermigo Plan would not induce any lethal opposition, it could be the game-changer of the conflict.

Raising The Funds For The Poll

The sum we need to raise is very modest by fundraising standards; just $16,500. If 1200 people donate $15 each (£10 or 13) – or 55 ILS – we'll have the money in the bag.

Any UK citizen wishing to donate £50 or more can get a tax write-off by donating through UKToremet. Director Jonny Cline has kindly availed UKToremet as a repository for UK donations. (Email us, and we can forward your email to Jonny to be in touch with him direct).

We hope to set up a similar arrangement with a 501 non-profit in the USA for American donors wishing to contribute larger sums. Email us for details. And we also hope to do the same in Israel – for Israeli citizens (although Israeli tax law is not geared to allowing significant tax breaks for philanthropy).

The main conduit for Israeli donations will be Many Israelis are familiar with this grassroots fundraising organization. We are currently organizing a profile there, and it will have a link to, enabling people to easily inspect all facets of the Bermigo prototype. 

It goes without saying that if friends contact friends, we can raise the required sum very quickly.

Help With Translations

Most of the articles/discussions in are written in English, but of course, would be of much interest to Hebrew-speaking audiences, Arabic audiences, French audiences, German audiences, etc. If any native speaker in any of these languages has a bit of spare time on his/her hands, we'd much appreciate some translation help. [Many on the Bermigo team are fluent in Hebrew, but simply don't have the time].

Help With The Website

Our current website – – is rudimentary, but hopefully it displays most of the needed information clearly, and should see us through the first stage of this project. As more people get on board, it would be great to have an expanded site with an effective layout and added facilities. So, computer geeks who'd like to help out, please contact us.  

A Bermigo Office

Once the poll has been taken  and should the poll-results indeed be auspicious it could prompt a flood of interest in the plan. In which case, there'll be much to do and coordinate. (See many of those planned activities in The Steps That Would Follow The First Poll)

Obviously, we would seek a budget to set up a small, efficient, properly staffed office. But in addition, there'll be countless 'indirect' activities that our supporters could engage in to help put the Bermigo Plan squarely on the map. Contact us at Contact Us