Allocation Of Water Resources

Israelis and West Bank Palestinians currently share several water resources – with the Palestinians getting the very short end of the stick:

In Gaza, the situation is still worse:

The Bermigo Plan component that would deal with shared water resources reads as follows:

"The Western participating countries in the Bermigo venture would guarantee that Israel would not suffer financial loss from giving up access to water supplies from the West Bank or Gaza. The West would commit to subsidize, for 25 years, Israel’s additional costs of importing water, or increased use of desalination, that made up the shortfall. The West would guarantee Palestine a similar subsidy, plus develop an equally sophisticated water supply for the new state of Palestine."

Water is currently allocated very unfairly in the West Bank, and heavily favors settler communities over Palestinian towns. Worse, water has been used as a weapon; during times of strife, no water is delivered to Palestinian residents. That's why every Palestinian household has invested in a large plastic water tank, the most ubiquitous feature on the rooftops of the Palestinian residential landscape. Note in the photo below how the settlement houses just behind the Palestinian residences have no such need.

water tanks

To sum, the Bermigo Plan would put an immediate end to these deeply resented practices. The Bermigo enterprise would mandate that the participating Western countries ensure that both Israel and the new state of Palestine are provided independent, adequate water supplies at reasonable cost for the full 25 years of the program.