Even The 'Conventionalists' Quietly Want To Know..


Every serious student of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long known that the conventional solution will not work (after all, every poll over the last 20 years has shown that only a third of the Palestinian public would agree to the minimum terms of the Israeli public – and thus no direct agreement between the two sides would stick). Nonetheless, there remain thousands of influential individuals in the pay of this futile route.

But many of these directly and indirectly enlisted individuals would far prefer to put their efforts into something genuinely workable. Not by chance has esteemed Palestinian pollster Prof Khalil Shikaki long wanted to see the Bermigo Plan polled (even though his institute, PSPCR, is dependent on EU funds to keep canvassing the same-ole failed approach).

Nor by chance did the highly respected head of European ambassadors in Israel at the time, British ambassador Sherard Cowper-Coles, similarly show great interest until the EU instructed all its ambassadors to line up behind George Bush's roadmap – a variant of the same-ole same-ole that inevitably went nowhere for six years. Today, Obama and Kerry's version of the same is proceeding just as successfully..

If the Bermigo Plan finally does get polled and reveals that nearly the entire Palestinian public could at least live with this novel package, it will once and for all blow the pretense of the 'direct agreement between the two combatants' right out of the water. And not a day too soon, nor a life lost too soon.