Members Of A Future Bermigo Trust


Most British citizens would be startled to learn that the UK Charities Commission regards promoting democracy as follows: "The promotion of its adoption or observance where otherwise it is not adopted or observed is almost certainly a purpose that involves a change in law or government policy which, as explained above, cannot be charitable for the public benefit."

Since a central plank of the Bermigo package is installing non-corrupt, fully democratic governance in Palestine, the UKCC rejected the Bermigo Trust's application (to register for the British equivalent of US non-profit 501 status) with those words.

The UKCC further wrote (in its same 13/11/2013 letter to the planned Bermigo Trust) that "The promotion of justice as an object is not only too uncertain to be a charitable purpose (since it invites a value-judgment as to what is just) but again it almost certainly encompasses a purpose of changing government policy or law so that fundamental national institutions are reformed to deliver the concept of justice being promoted."

Most British citizens would be appalled at this kind of grovelling to the Third World – especially given the unsavoury, highly intolerant Islamic movements that initially did pass muster with the UKCC registrars – but Western political life is replete with such absurdities. In any event, a group of caring, highly regarded individuals declared their readiness to play their part in any eventual trust. Among them: