The Leading Palestinian Polling Institute, PCPO


Astute observers might have noticed that the sum quoted by PCPO to carry out the comprehensive survey on the Bermigo package is unusually low. Incidentally, PCPO is the leading Palestinian pollster, the institute most often tasked by the Israeli government to conduct surveys on Palestinian sentiment in the West Bank and Gaza.

PCPO clocked how long each face-to-face interview would take on Bermigo's extensive questionnaire – and the pilot run both in the West Bank and Gaza averaged at well over an hour per interviewee. As any polling institute can attest, a quote for on-site interviewing 1000 respondents at such length would normally excede $20,000 (US). Yet director Dr Nabil Kukali quoted just $16,500 – and that includes a second pilot as a final preliminary check. (A number of clarifications were made to the questionnaire in light of feedback from the first pilot).

This very low quote is not by chance; Dr Kukali feels the poll-results on the Bermigo package could be a total game-changer. And he has openly voiced his common stake as a Palestinian in its findings. In fact, in a letter to Angus Jenkinson who heads the planned Bermigo Trust, Dr Kukali wrote that he would personally tour the Arab world to discuss the poll-results at length on all Arab cable stations. (Dr Kukali, director of a premiere Arab polling institute for two decades, knows all the stations' correspondents and directors intimately).

Here are Dr Kukali's sentiments in his 20/7/2013 memorandum to colleagues:

"The BERMIGO PEACE PLAN, in all its details, is an outstanding platform for the settlement of the long simmering Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a unique, well-thought plan. Notwithstanding some opposing and critical comments, that are necessary and healthy for further improvements of any project, the concept in the present geopolitical landscape is new. It represents a long-term, gradual settlement of a very perilous conflict, which naturally requires ample time due to its very complex nature in view of its psychological, religious, historical and demographic implications and complications. To the best of our knowledge and belief, no plans in these details were published, considering reasonable terms for their implementation, better than the Bermigo Plan."


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